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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

Front Systems.

Reverse vending machines from their best side.

Our front systems are more than just the eye-catcher before you insert or receive your deposit. They are the heart of the automated deposit return systems: the 360° Omega Scanner scans the reusable packaging before it is processed. The EasyClean technology ensures fast, simple cleaning of the system and specially integrated fluid managment helps prevent contamination. The front machine is simultaneously linked to the cashpoint network – which provides the necessary fraud prevention, as each return is registered and each receipt can only be redeemed once. We have the ideal solution for every retail format – adapted to spatial requirements, deposit income, types of deposit and lots more. Try it out.

The All-Rounder

There is nothing the REDEM F1 cannot do: whether it’s reliable recognition thanks to a 360° scanner or easy cleaning with EasyClean technology, the space-saving ”through the wall“configuration or the intuitive 10.1” touch-display, which means that long training times for the market staff can be avoided – the REDEM F1 features an entire range of excellent features. But not only that: Retailers can also promote sales in the shop using comprehensive software applications, for example with individual couponing or the use of loyalty points.

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Revendo 9040 - The flagship

The result of numerous customer discussions and uncompromisingly trimmed to suit everyday use. Thanks to its sophisticated liquid management, the 360° Omega scanner remains clean even when residual liquids drip directly down from the containers.

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Which reverse vending machine is the right one for you?

We have the ideal reverse vending machine for your individual requirements. What we still need is your indiviudal requirement. Our suggestion: Let’s talk about it.

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