The REMONDIS Group’s locations

Discover the world of REMONDIS with its approx. 900 branches and associated companies in over 30 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

The REMONDIS Group’s locations

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Our service can be divided into three major areas: The first level is the call centre, which takes the incoming calls and forwards them to the respective section. The second level involves the service of technicians and is divided into digital and analogue deployment – first remote support, which attempts to solve problems using remote access and secondly field operation, in which the technicians solve the problem on site. The third level (or high-level support) involves experts who intervene when systems have to be installed, technicians can no longer provide assistance or when suitable candidates have to be trained to operate a system.

Call Centre

The present situation in the company and documentation.

The first service level comprises of stocktaking and preclarification of the fault that has occurred. To apply for the first level, simply call us by phone via our central control room. We will process your issue from here or forward it to the correct department – who will then deal with your issue immediately.

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Remote Support & Field Operation

The solution for most problems.

Remote support attempts to determine the problem online via remote access and to provide initial assistance or to eliminate the problem, for example by resetting the system or adjusting the calibration or configuration. 40 percent of all cases can be solved using this preclarification – with the result that the systems are quickly available again. Further action, which is possible thanks to remote access, includes the analysis of live images (ensures high availability), software updates, the release and locking of data records, adjustment of receipt settings, the configuration of the cash register interface or the setting up of the donation function.

The field operation refers to the deployment of technicians, who process an issue on site because it is not remotely accessible. However if a software problem arises on site the technicians can still eliminate it, as they also have the same diagnosis tools available as remote support. However certain issues can only be processed through field operation, for example the repair of reverse vending systems, replacement of spare parts or basic cleaning. The technicians on site – depending on seasonal incoming orders – also hold the authorization and are in a position to appoint and supervise external service providers.

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High-Level Support

The use of experts for special cases.

The experts in third-level support are always used when the technicians in the second level cannot eliminate a problem. They are, as it were, the task force for particularly persistent cases that cannot be solved in a conventional manner. In addition to this task the experts in third-level support also have a series of other duties for example consulting and training internal and external technicians and customers, the organisation and performance of workshops and e-learning or monitoring of field quality.

Therefore high-level support forms an important component of the cooperative partnership with our customers and of the professional services, to which we give a particularly high priority at RE DEPOSIT.

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