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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

background module.

Reliability you can count on.

You cannot see it but without it we would be lost: The background module. They are the ones who keep the shop going with their performance and their capacity, especially when the amount of reusable containers is extremely high or is increasing. The modules are efficient, optimised and each individual module is specialised in its function. Take a look at our background modules and feel free to contact us if you have questions.

The Flexible One

The background and compacting solutions from RE DEPOSIT link simple cleaning with high performance and a compact design. As the return of reusable containers offers great chances for customer retention and customer contact, the entire disposal process should be structured as simply and efficiently as possible. Whether you want to transport, sort, compact or collect – The objective is always to create the highest level of functionality within the smallest space. The innovative REDEM B1 does exactly that – Using new planning options for the respective optimal reusable container solution.

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Line Modul - Flexible solutions for more effective reverse vending

If you are looking for a solution that adapts to your requirements, creates freedom in planning and can be implemented in the shortest possible time, the Line module is the ideal solution module for you.

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The High-Performer

The REDEM B2 is a module in a class of its own. It streamlines the two central requirements of a reverse vending system: Reliability and availability. While the new self-cleaning technology marks a significant milestone on the path to largely maintenance-free reverse vending systems, the active control of the different cabinets (depending on the filling level, disposal cycle, material and system status) ensures an optimal load profile and maximum availability.

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Which reverse vending machine is the right one for you?

We have the ideal reverse vending machine for your individual requirements. What we still need is your indiviudal requirement. Our suggestion: Let’s talk about it.

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